new film 2020


"I've always filmed stories about the lives of others, with a happy ending, except for this one, which is unfortunately about us." 

When two friends went to climb the gutter of Veľký Mlynár, it was a beautiful, almost ideal day in the High Tatras. Everything suddenly changed when they were hit by an avalanche. Roman - a professional mountain rescuer, dies after a long fall, but Rasto miraculously manages to survive after a drama associated with hardships and risks at the edge of life. The camera he filmed all the way is undamaged by the wonderful management of fate. Affected by a deep tragedy, he finally tries to cope with this experience by working as the author of a television magazine about mountains during the year, where he confronts himself and other characters with a similar traumatic experience. In 9 months, he will be re-elected to the scene of the accident. As a starting point for complex psychological catharsis, an unwanted self-portrait is created.