"I've always filmed stories about the lives of others, with a happy ending, except for this one, which is unfortunately about us." 

When two friends went to climb the gutter of Veľký Mlynár, it was a beautiful, almost ideal day in the High Tatras. Everything suddenly changed when they were hit by an avalanche. Roman - a professional mountain rescuer, dies after a long fall, but Rasto miraculously manages to survive after a drama associated with hardships and risks at the edge of life. The camera he filmed all the way is undamaged by the wonderful management of fate. Affected by a deep tragedy, he finally tries to cope with this experience by working as the author of a television magazine about mountains during the year, where he confronts himself and other characters with a similar traumatic experience. In 9 months, he will be re-elected to the scene of the accident. As a starting point for complex psychological catharsis, an unwanted self-portrait is created.

length: 61 min

camera by: Rasto Hatiar

directed by: Rasto Hatiar


Prize of jury - MFHF Poprad 2020, Slovakia

Prize of audience - MFHF Poprad 2020, Sloavakia

GRAND PRIX - IMFF Teplice nad Metuji, Czech republic



Life story of Slovak climber Petr Hámor. An intimate portrait of a Himalayan climber who has been trying to push his boundaries all his life. The film is not just a comprehensive description of Hámor's performances. It is also a portrait of a man, an image of the development of his character, he explains the motivation that drives him to this dangerous and magnificent performance. You can get a glimpse into the life of Petr Hámor thanks to this documentary.

length: 64 min

camera by: Darek Zaluski, Rasťo Hatiar and other

directed: Rasťo Hatiar

coproduction: Slovak national television


Prize for historical contribution - IFOF Praha 2019                      

GRAND PRIX - Zpotkania z filmem Gorskim, Zakopané, Poľsko 2019                                           

Best mountaineering film - IFMF Teplice nad Metují 2019      

GRAND PRIX - IFMF Poprad 2018                                                     

Prize of audience - IMFF Poprad 2018                                                      

Prize of literary found for best slovak film - Hory a mesto Bratislava 2018                                          

Prize of audience - ZDRUFF Hory a Mesto Stará Ľubovňa 



35 min.

camera by: Rasto Hatiar

directed by: Rasto Hatiar

music by: Andrej Majerčík

The old climber, Ľubo Rybanský, wants to take a look at the huge rock wall of the former quarry at Vtáčnik at least once in his life, where he wrote history of the first climbing routs with his friend Rudo Pravda in the 1970s. The disappointment that the current creators of the accompanying board at Vtáčnik have forgotten about them, will be change delighted to meet Peter Kuric, the young climber, who is climbing their legendary route "Dragon Corner".

A poetic film story about contrasts and the mutual understanding of generations, about how the first rout of the Dragon Corner came about, and the poetry of climbing. 

Best mountaineering film - CERVINO CINEMA MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL 2019 Cervinia - Italy
Prize of audience - Expedičná kamera, Czech republic, 2018,
GRAND PRIX - International mountaineering film festival Teplice nad Metují, Czech republic, 2018
Best film in category - Hory a mesto, Bratislava 2018
Price of jury - International mountain film festival, Poprad, Slovakia, 2018
Prize of audience  - Vysoké hory Nitra 2018
Prize of audience  - Hory a mesto - ZDRUFF Stará Ľubovňa 2019



length: 30 min

camera by: Rasťo Hatiar, Roman Janky, Milan Ohurniak, Pavol Barabáš

directed by: Rastislav Hatiar

The legendary duo of Liptov skialpinists Dušan Trizna aka Čego and Milan Madaj in the nineties left their own mark in competitive skialpinism both in Slovakia and abroad. Humble mountaineers, a little unrecognized but real, without any fictive fame on social media. Even though today they have no followers who would try to live up to their feats in European skialpinism, there might be hope yet within the talented youth for whom they can still be idols. Nowadays, though, there is only one competition in Slovakia - just as difficult as the most prestigious competitions in Alps. The other ones or the new ones are too commercial and try to satisfy the masses. What future is in that? Using also archive pictures from personal collections of Milan Madaj and Pavol Barabáš, we try to present you the reality of a famous duo in the most popular period of Slovak skialpinism and to compare past with present.



length 28 min.

camera by: Rasto Hatiar

directed by: Rasto Hatiar

finnancial support: AVF

A story of a blind boy who tries to overcome his own limits by climbing peaks and prove that life can be enjoyed fully even without the most precious sense.

When Geogre Prager was 12 his visual eyesight was started to get worse. The doctors diagnosted him an optic neuritis in that time. When he was 19 he got blind and he could see only light and darkness. His life has been changed completely. He didn´t want to live at that time. He adapted to that situation with helping of family and friends and tried to live with that problem. He started playing sports, studying at university and preparing for the Paralympics Games in discipline cycling on a tandem bike in Rio de Janeiro. In summer 2012 he managed to get on the top of the mountain Mt. Blanc, Castor and the Gerlach Peak in Slovakia like the first blind Slovak. He reached the top of the mountains with his friends - Konstantin Kocian and the mountain guide Zoltan Pal. 



length 18 min.

camera by: Dalibor Carbol, Juraj Kleja 

directed by: Rasto Hatiar

K2 has long been unnamed peak, it is hidden in the mountains so that on her first explorers did not know. There is only one way to K2, walking through one of the world's longest glacier - Baltoro. Though there is one way yet, but nobody dared afterwards. Until now. Czech Dalibor Carbol and Slovak Juraj Klea without oxygen and without any support the world's first flew on parachutes and gliders to K2. 



The expedition to Denali.

camera and directed by: Rasťo Hatiar

voice:  Marek Geišberg



Six friends set out for Kyrgyzstan. They want to ski down beautiful and unknown peaks and to get to the wonderful and almost unknown valley of Sary Djaz in Tien-Shan mountains. Everything goes according to plan. Wonderful weather, intact clean nature and super skiing during the first part of the expedition is more than just a promising start. However, then the problems occur. Kyrgyzstan is a country where almost nothing is for sure. They are just sure that never in their life they will forget this wonderful and at the same time wild and inscrutable country.

length: 25 min

directed by: Rasto Hatiar